Crest Coffee House

Who We Are

Crest Coffee House, an extension of our church family at HCC is a unique coffee shop that operates on a donation-only basis, welcoming everyone in our community and beyond. Open Monday through Saturday, from 8 AM to 4 PM, we offer not just a cup of coffee but also a warm and inviting space where relationships can flourish. This initiative is rooted in our desire to serve and connect with people in practical, everyday ways, offering a place of rest, conversation, and spiritual nourishment. As a donation-only establishment, we rely on the generosity of our patrons, ensuring that everyone has a place to go, regardless of their ability to pay. Here at Crest Coffee House, you’ll find the heart of our ministry in action—creating a community hub where the love and grace of Jesus Christ can be shared over coffee, in an environment that values fellowship and outreach. Whether you're seeking a quiet space for reflection, a meaningful conversation, or simply a great cup of coffee, you are welcome here, where community is built one cup at a time.

Coffee Of The Month