Pastors & Staff

Jay Johnson

Head Pastor

Jay became the Pastor of Hillcrest Community Church in mid-2021, embracing his role with unwavering passion and commitment. Alongside his wife, Kassie and their children—Alexandra, Julia, and John Thomas—Jay leads his congregation with a profound sense of dedication and love. Together, they are a family deeply rooted in faith, striving to make a meaningful impact on their community and beyond.

Rob McDonald


Dana Barnes

Finance Director

Kassie Johnson

CHildrens Director

LeeAnn Madden Sterry

Small Group Coordinator

Leanne, a cherished Nashville native, has been an integral member of our church family for over two decades. With her unwavering faith and commitment to service, she embodies the spirit of our congregation. Over the years, Leanne has contributed significantly to various church activities, reinforcing our community's bonds and furthering our mission. Her dedication to faith, coupled with her compassionate nature, has made her a beloved figure among members of all ages. As we continue our journey of worship and service, we are grateful for Leanne's enduring presence and the light she brings to our church family.